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The Province of Prince Edward Island now offers rural transit service to several regions of PEI. The service will run Monday to Friday and have three round trips per day. Individuals can either pre-book their seat through the Kari App, be at one of the primary stop locations at the designated pick-up time or by calling 1-902-566-9962. The cost of the service is $2 per rider and can be paid to the driver in cash.

Locations in bold are primary stops. The secondary stops can be requested through the Kari app. Individuals can either pre-book their seat through the Kari App or be at one of the primary stop locations at the designated pick-up time. Pick-up at one of the secondary stop locations must be booked through the Kari app.

If you have questions about PEI's Rural Transit Service email

Georgetown - Charlottetown

Charlottetown Bound Departure Times Georgetown Bound Departure Times
Daryl’s General Store 6:30am 9:15am 12:30pm 9:10am 12:04pm 5:34pm
Holland College Georgetown 6:31am 9:16am 12:31pm 9:09am 12:03pm 5:33pm
Rodd Brudenell Resort 6:37am 9:22am 12:37pm 9:02am 11:56am 5:26pm
Cardigan Esso 6:46am 9:31am 12:46pm 8:53am 11:47am 5:17pm
Poole’s Corner Carpool 6:52am 9:37am 12:52pm 8:47am 11:41am 5:11pm
Mel’s Montague 6:59am 9:44am 12:59pm 8:39am 11:33am 5:03pm
Sobeys Montague 7:01am 9:46am 1:01pm 8:38am 11:32am 5:02pm
Kings County Memorial Hospital 7:03am 9:48am 1:03pm 8:36am 11:30am 5:00pm
Union Road & Queens Road 7:07am 9:52am 1:07pm 8:32am 11:26am 4:56pm
Route 3 & Union Road 7:13am 9:58am 1:13pm 8:26am 11:20am 4:50pm
Post Office Vernon River 7:22am 10:07am 1:22pm 8:17am 11:11am 4:41pm
Buster’s Service Station 7:29am 10:14am 1:29pm 8:10am 11:04am 4:34pm
Mt. Albion Irving 7:33am 10:18am 1:33pm 8:06am 11:00am 4:30pm
Sobeys Stratford 7:43am 10:28am 1:43pm 7:57am 10:51am 4:21pm
Holland College Grafton Street 7:48am 10:33am 1:48pm 7:52am 10:46am 4:16pm
Confederation Centre Front Door 7:49am 10:34am 1:49pm 7:50am 10:45am 4:15pm
Souris - Charlottetown

Charlottetown Bound Departure Times Souris Bound Departure Times
Souris Ferry Terminal 6:20am 9:30am 12:30pm 9:25am 12:25pm 5:40pm
Souris Food Park 6:21am 9:31am 12:31pm 9:24am 12:24pm 5:39pm
Save Easy Mall 6:22am 9:32am 12:32pm 9:22am 12:22pm 5:37pm
Souris Petro Can 6:23am 9:33am 12:33pm 9:21am 12:21pm 5:36pm
Platter House 6:25am 9:35am 12:35pm 9:18am 12:18pm 5:33pm
Rollo Bay Inn 6:30am 9:40am 12:40pm 9:15am 12:15pm 5:30pm
Straight Goods 6:35am 9:45am 12:45pm 9:09am 12:09pm 5:24pm
UPEI Climate Lab 6:50am 10:00am 1:00pm 8:54am 11:54am 5:10pm
St. Peter’s Landing 6:51am 10:01am 1:01pm 8:53am 11:53am 5:09pm
Morell Irving 7:02am 10:12am 1:12pm 8:43am 11:43am 4:58pm
Morell Coop 7:03am 10:13am 1:13pm 8:42am 11:42am 4:57pm
Wyman’s 7:07am 10:17am 1:17pm 8:37am 11:37am 4:52pm
Mt. Stewart Irving 7:16am 10:26am 1:26pm 8:28am 11:28am 4:43pm
Epekwitk Gas Bar 7:20am 10:30am 1:30pm 8:26am 11:26am 4:41pm
Bedford Irving 7:29am 10:39am 1:39pm 8:15am 11:15am 4:30pm
Jewell’s Country Market 7:35am 10:45am 1:45pm 8:09am 11:09am 4:24pm
Holland College Weymouth 7:45am 10:55am 1:55pm 8:01am 11:01am 4:16pm
Confederation Centre Front Door 7:46am 10:56am 1:56pm 8:00am 11:00am 4:15pm