Drivers in Rural Areas FAQ

Become a driver and help your neighbours get to their destinations safely!

We’re very excited to have developed what we believe is the first of it’s kind. Ride-share service for Rural areas! 

What is Kari's Rural ride-share service?

Kari’s rural ride-share service is a prebooked transportation solution designed specifically for rural communities. Our goal is to connect passengers in less densely populated areas with reliable drivers, ensuring that everyone has access to convenient transportation.

How do I become a Rural Driver?

Visit our ‘Become a Driver‘ section on our website. After completing the necessary verification and training processes, you can start accepting ride bookings. 

How does it work?

When a customer books a ride in a Rural area. The request will be sent to drivers in a closer area to the pickup location. 

If no driver accepts the ride or isn’t available, the customer will be asked if they want to expand the search to a larger area for an additional cost. If they accept it will send the request to a larger area of drivers, and so on until hopefully the ride is accepted.

For more information

Take a look at our frequently asked questions for more details. Kari drivers can also contact Kari for more information via email at