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Exploring St. Stephen in the palm of your hand.

Ride-sharing in St. Stephen

Exploring St. Stephen is convenient with Kari, even without a car. Discover local attractions, then easily request a ride through the Kari app at your convenience—any time, any day. Whether you're planning in advance or need a ride on the spot, the app offers various options to suit your travel needs, whether you're alone or with a group.
Simply open the Kari app, input your destination, and start your adventure in St. Stephen.

Kari Car

Affortable rides for 1-4 passengers.


Sunday | 7am – 7pm
Monday | 7am – 7pm
Tuesday | 7am – 7pm
Wednesday | 7am – 7pm
Thursday | 7am – 7pm
Friday | 7am – 11pm
Saturday | 7am – 11pm

Please Note

During the pilot in St. Stephen we have regular service during the hours listed here. However, drivers may decide to provide service earlier or later than these hours. If a driver is online, the Kari app will allow you to book outside of these hours!

Discover St. Stephen

Use Kari to explore your favourite places in St. Stephen.

Drive with Kari in St. Stephen

Whether you want to drive for just a few hours every once in a while or you’re a more frequent user of Kari’s Driver app, with Kari you can fit driving around what matters most to you. Drive at any time and on any day of the week.

Be Your Own Boss

Choose when and where you’d like to drive. Benefits such as promotions during busier times as well as tips generated from your riders put more money in your pocket.

See The Area

Get to explore your areas with your riders. Most riders are up for a chat and often want suggestions of places to visit, eat and shop. Be your own “Local Expert”!

Weekly Payouts

Earn a commission on every ride you provide and receive payouts weekly directly to your bank account. And as always, you receive 100% of the tips your earn.