Welcome to Kari Driver Onboarding

This page guides you through all the steps and gives you the information as to what you need to do in order to be quickly verified and ready to start accepting drives as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Apply for the 4R License.

 With the new process, this generally only takes less than 24 hours. Click on the following link to fill in the PDF. It will automatically send it to us, and we send to PEI Highway Safety. This costs $20, please e-transfer info@meetkari.com and we will process the 4R, we will also reimburse the $20 after your first 10 rides completed with Kari.

4R Application Form

Step 2: Access our Kari Team App

Right now we are using an app called ‘Connecteam’ to manage communications to our drivers and obtain information about you. While we wait for the 4R License, you can start the process by requesting access to our team app, and filling in the forms under ASSETS > FORMS.

Request Connecteam Access

Step 3: Setup Your Banking

When you get access to Connecteam, we will send you a one-use URL to setup your banking with our payment partner Stripe. 

Step 4: Background Check

Once we receive the 4R License and all is good with that, we will request a background check. The invite comes to your email, and the results come to us. So fill that out when you get the email and we’ll advise once completed.

Step 5: Download the Driver App

Almost done! Now just head to the following link to download the Kari Drive app. It’s called “Spare Driver” located here: 
We will create you an account there (or message us to expedite the process), and first thing to do is put in your vehicle details under your profile. There are also a few ‘how to’ videos below to help.

Spare Driver

Step 5: Schedule Your Shifts

While this isn’t mandatory. This is super helpful to the scheduling team at KARI to make sure that riders who pre-book have an assigned driver. When booking a shift, this will put you on the schedule so that when a rider pre-books during a time you’re planning on being online, you will be assigned that ride! Easy and guaranteed both money for you, and a guaranteed drive for the customers.



The following videos are meant to help you first navigate the Spare driver app. One important note is that when you are driving and were pre-scheduled, it will direct you to drive back to your starting point at the last drive of the night. So be aware of that, it’s not actually a ride a lot of the times. You can double check by looking at the initials of the rider which shows up when it’s booked.