Major Kari app update to give riders a better experience

Dec 19, 2022News, PEI

One of the best things about being a local company and that we can take feedback directly from our users and try to implement it to make an impact or to provide a better experience. We’ve listened to feedback from our riders, drivers, businesses, and more and have been working hard to add some of the most requested features to the updated Kari experience.

Riders told us they were tired of wait times that weren’t accurate in the Kari app, so we now upping our game.

🕰️ Get more accurate ETAs of when your driver is coming. We’re using real-time traffic data and exact driver locations to provide better estimates. No more “30 minutes” when it’s more like 45 minutes on a busy Saturday night.

Riders told us that sometimes the map wasn’t updating to the proper location where they are, and sometimes it was a previous location.

🗺️ More accurate maps when booking your ride.

Riders sometimes want to double-up and share a ride with a friend.

💲 Real-time fares in case you need to make a quick stop or share a ride with a friend.

Riders need more seats. We know you’ve got more than 3 friends.

🚘 More ride options like six-seater vans in our KariXL or ride in a Tesla using our KariLux option.

Riders sometimes need to contact the driver because they are at the side door, not the front door or they need 3 more minutes to get ready.

☎️ Call or text your driver. Before, the driver could only call or text you. Don’t worry, we never share your number.

These are just a few of the tweaks we’re making with the major update to the Kari app. Riders can start using the update and download it tomorrow at from your favourite app store.

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