Kari Launches In St. Andrews, New Brunswick Ahead Of The Long Weekend

Jun 26, 2024NB, News

St. Andrews, NB – Kari, the Atlantic Canadian-owned and operated ride-sharing company, is delighted to announce the launch of its services in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, enhancing the transportation options for this picturesque seaside resort town. Known for its rich history and vibrant tourism, St. Andrews offers the perfect backdrop for Kari’s expansion, emphasizing convenience, efficiency, and sustainability.

“St. Andrews represents the ideal blend of historical charm and modern-day tourism, making it a perfect location for Kari to bring ride-sharing. We are excited to provide both residents and tourists with a flexible, reliable transportation solution that is efficient, accountable and affordable for the community” says Matt MacLeod, Co-Founder of Kari.

St. Andrews, often referred to as St. Andrews by-the-Sea, has long been a favourite destination for visitors and residents alike. The town boasts a range of attractions from the renowned Algonquin Resort, historical sites, to natural beauty spots ideal for outdoor activities such as whale watching and exploring the Kingsbrae Garden.

The introduction of Kari’s ride-sharing service is poised to further enhance the tourism experience in St. Andrews, providing convenient travel options that complement the town’s array of activities and events. This service will not only support local businesses by increasing accessibility to various attractions but also promises to contribute to the town’s economy.

Kari’s ride-sharing service for St. Andrews will launch Friday, June 28, 2024 at 4pm. Riders can download the Kari app at download.meetkari.com for both Apple and Android devices to prepare for this week’s launch.

For more information about Kari’s new service offerings in St. Andrews, please visit www.meetkari.com.

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Kari is Atlantic Canada’s first ride-share company, 100% Prince Edward Island owned and operated, Kari is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and convenient transportation services. With a focus on customer satisfaction and innovative solutions, Kari continues to enhance the travel experience for Islanders and visitors alike.

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